Privacy Policy


In order to ensure the confidentiality of the information users use this app service, Revlis Biotech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) hereby declares the privacy policy, which is also applicable to other related websites of the company.


  1. Scope of Application

The privacy policy is only applicable to this App service and other related websites of the company, and does not apply to products or services provided by third parties directly / indirectly through / access. The company does not bear any legal responsibility for any third party's improper use or illegal disclosure of the information provided by you.


  1. Collected Information
  1. Personal information provided for creating a user account
  1. When you register and activate the service through this App, you can use quick login and mobile phone number for authentication. Therefore, it will associate your personal information or your mobile phone number left by you to a third party in order to quickly create your user account for this app service.
  2. After creating your account, please fill in your basic personal data including your gender, age, height, weight and health status. Because the health indicators provided by this app service need to refer to your personal physiological conditions as automatic analysis parameters, so as to ensure the reliability and validity of the analysis results.
  3. In your personal data, please select a country/region or ID number (not necessary), which is necessary information to determine the location of the server or your corresponding service project.


  1. Information generated when using this App service
  1. Usage information: We will record various information provided, formed or retained when you use this App service, including automatic/active/passive recording of usage history and analysis results. For the various data collected from this APP service, we will associate it and display it in your personal history.
  2. Log information: When using this App service, our server will automatically record relevant information for you to check at any time.
  3. Device access: We will use browser network storage, application temporary storage and other mechanisms to access information on the device you use.


  1. Personal Information Maintenance

You can modify and update your personal information left in this app service or other related websites of the company at any time. If you think the company has no need to retain or use your personal information, you can contact the company through any means to request the deletion of your personal information.


  1. Prohibitions and Exceptions for Information Disclosure

The company encrypts all data and information provided or generated by users using this App service to maintain information security. Without your consent or authorization, we will never disclose your personal information or conduct illegal disposal / application to any third party, nor will we take the initiative to access it. Except for the following circumstances:


  1. Must be disclosed based on legal requirements
  2. Subject to statutory procedures required by the judiciary or other authorities
  3. In order to protect the company's property and rights
  4. In an emergency, to maintain the personal safety of other users or third parties


  1. Obtaining User Authorization
  1. When a user uses the picture sharing function, we will obtain the camera and picture information on your mobile phone after you agree to the authorization: If you refuse the authorization, the APP service may not be able to use specific functions such as picture sharing.
  2. The user's related information/data are stored in the cloud. After the user successfully log in to this APP service through the Internet, the system will regard the user as authorized, and the user can obtain his own relevant information.
  3. When users use this App service, they need to connect to the measurement device with this service through Bluetooth connection, and obtain the user's authorization to use the mobile phone's Bluetooth and positioning (GPS) functions. If you refuse the authorization, this App service may not work properly.


  1. Information Security Maintenance and Exception

The company applies a variety of security technologies and programs to ensure the information security of users when using the App service. There may be security vulnerabilities or malicious attacks due to other factors beyond the control of the company when used through personal networks or in various environment conditions. The company cannot guarantee that it is completely risk-free.


  1. Change of Privacy Policy

This policy will be revised from time to time according to the scientific and technological trends, legal regulations and other factors. The terms of this policy will be revised at any time by updated announcement or other public means. You agree to be protected and regulated by this revised version.


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